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Food business success depends on safety flooring More than any other industry, the food processing industry has specific handling and management requirements. This means you need safety flooring that is tailored to your business and the specific day to day demands of your industry. From the delivery of the raw product, its storage, refinement and production, through to packaging and despatch, each step in the process demands that specific requirements are met to guarantee the quality of the end product. Dealing with raw foods means that there is no room for lapses in quality, with clean and safe handling and storage being critical at every stage. Clean floors are safe floors Because of the diverse nature of this range of processes, it is vital that the cleanliness of the environment is maintained throughout with safety flooring that meets all of these unique needs and requirements. Concrete floors will require a suitable protective coating that can withstand exposure to the corrosive by-products of the processing system, maintain safety and cleanliness and ensure durability in high-use areas. Safe floors save you money Deciding which flooring best meets these stringent statutory and best practice needs of the food industry is an essential part of the overall success of your business. Getting it right the first time is the only way to ensure that costly and time-consuming changes can be avoided in the future. With the right advice on the wide range of possible flooring solutions that are available, you can be confident in making the right choice for your business. Food Flooring works as your partner in identifying and implementing industry best practice throughout your production process, maintaining a hygienic and safe environment. We ensure that the best choice is made when deciding on the flooring for your business, with tailored solutions for your individual environment. From small businesses with a limited range of processes to large industries with a range of food-processing requirements, Food Flooring has the experience and expertise to find the right safety flooring solution for your needs.

Food flooring Pty ltd

Food flooring Pty ltd



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