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Icaro Cafe serve St ALi coffee, tonics, medicinal lattes, cold pressed juices and delicious superfoods with an ethos on fresh locally sourced produce and a conscious effort to reduce waste and protect the earth. We have a vegetarian menu with a range of vegan, gluten free and dairy free offerings to suit a range of dietary requirements. Pure ingredients crafted with love and passion will give you the fuel your body needs to reach its potential. All of our offerings are sourced locally where possible and have been made from high quality ingredients. Our mission is to work hard every day to deliver fresh, house made products free from additives, preservatives and unnecessary fillers. All of our food starts in its raw state to provide your body with fuel, energy and vitality the way nature wanted you to have it. Crafted with oceans of love, consciousness at its core and flavour - a whole lot of flavour!

Icaro Cafe

Icaro Cafe



1G Moore Street, Apollo Bay, vic, 3233, Australia

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